Imagine Audio logo

I came up with a brand name and my colleague designer from Riga developed a logo for a Russian distributor of European audio components.


The owners of Imagine Club, the biggest audio records store in Saint Petersburg, decided to expand their business and start selling European audio systems via a new subsidiary company that needed a name and a logo. It was my task to develop them.

The company name I came up with was approved by the clients at once: Imagine Audio. The word “imagine” connects a subsidiary company with a parent company and the word “audio” hints at its form of business.

When developing the logo for the subsidiary company, it was necessary to keep a visual association with the parent company. That’s why the word “imagine” in the logo is made identical to a parent company, but the symbol we used is new.

From the proposed six versions of the symbol the clients liked the gramophone symbol the most. It looks good in the new logo design and is in perfect harmony with the vinyl record symbol in the parent company logo.

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