I’m Pavel Shudnev, graphic designer from Zurich.
Here you can take a look at my works, read my articles and order a website, printed products and a logotype for your business

Since 2012 I have delivered more than 100 projects for clients from Switzerland, Russia, the USA, Australia and Israel

Altera Pars logotype

Together with my colleague from Riga we have developed a new logo for the Moscow premium interiors design studio Altera Pars.

Discovery Russia logo (Australia)

In cooperation with my colleague from Riga (Latvia) we designed an original logo for the Australian travel agency Discovery Russia.

Baxter Furniture Advertisement (Italy)

I designed the full-page advertisement of the Italian premium furniture Baxter for the furniture boutique Lege Artis (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

Gianfranco Ferré furniture advertisement

The advertisement of the premium Italian furniture Gianfranco Ferré is designed in the best traditions of the classical school of the print advertising.

Roll-ups for the Menton masterclass 2017

I designed a series of beautiful roll-ups for the second violin masterclass in Menton (Côte d'Azur, France).

Advertisement for The Strad magazine

I designed the advertisement of the violin masterclass at the Menton Music Festival (Côte d'Azur, France) for The Strad magazine.

Sometimes I write articles on graphic design, website development and other subjects which are of interest to me

CMS trends and market shares

The selection of CMS (content management system) should take into account a worldwide statistics, regarding the usage of such systems: what types of CMS are the most commonly used, which ones are gaining their popularity or just the opposite – becoming less popular.

Minimalist design in evolution of smartphones

From 1997 to 2017, the number of buttons on a front smartphone panel has dropped from 70 to zero: there is nowhere lower to go.