Audio Arts logo

In cooperation with my colleague from Riga we designed an original logotype for the Audio Arts private High-End gallery.


A private collection of stereo equipment owned by a businessman from Saint Petersburg includes all the best from the Hi-Fi and High-End world since the 1960s till now: stereo systems, turntables and CD-players, tube amplifiers, acoustic systems and much more.

When the businessman decided to turn his collection into a private gallery I was offered to develop the logo for it. So I contacted my colleague designer from Riga with whom we developed the original logotype that was accepted by the client at once.

For light backgrounds the colour of the logo can be black or dark grey. For dark backgrounds and pictures we recommended to use the antique gold colour.

Designed this way the audio gallery marketing materials (for example, vinyl records and CDs) can look exquisite and expensive.

The company’s printed materials might look just as good.

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