Mimmi kids brand

I developed a brand name and a logo for a baby pram manufacturer for sales in Russia.


My task consisted of two parts: to develop a brand name that could be registered in ICGS/International Classification of Goods and Services afterwards (1) and a logo meeting European standards (2).

The word ‘mimmi’ was chosen as the brand name. It is a diminutive form of the Scandinavian name Wilhelmina. It is simple, short and easy to remember. It also goes well with the story about Scandinavian origin of the prams and it brings positive emotions.

To simplify the new brand registration in ICGS, the English word ‘kids’ was added to the name. It connects the brand with its target audience. The trade name ‘mimmi kids’ was registered in three classes of ICGS and I started my work on the logo.

In the logo design I used lowercase letters only. Thus, I graphically specified that the company’s goods are meant for the little ones. To emphasize the safety and comfortability of the goods I chose a sans-serif font with rounded edges.

My colleague designer from Riga helped me to develop the graphic symbol. It crossed my mind that the dots above the ‘i’ letters in ‘mimmi’ could be stylized as a pram wheels and she did a great job.

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