Women’s clothing online shop

In a couple of weeks after delivering the March Collection boutique atelier website, the owner of the business asked me to redesign his women’s clothing online shop of the same name.


The client’s idea was to have both of his websites in similar design. I found it reasonable enough and took this order.

The most important part of all online shops is a product catalogue. In terms of design, it consists of a catalogue page (the page where you can view the offered products) and a product page. So I started my work on redesigning these pages.

I always vote for simplicity and for this reason I designed both the catalogue and the product pages as simple as I could. For example, in the product page I made my best to place all product information in one screen keeping it easy to view, easy to read and easy to buy from any devices: smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and larger devices.

The homepage starts with a widescreen video clip and a brief description of the shop. It is followed by introduction to the product catalogue, a stimulating sales banner, introduction to the company lookbook and the March Collection Instagram feed.

View project: https://marchcollection.com

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