The new design of the concert posters

One of the first works that I did for the Zakhar Bron School of Music (Zurich, Switzerland) was the new design of the concert posters.


The administration of the School wanted to attract as large an audience as possible to the concerts at the Zurich Kongresshaus, and for that matter it was important to make high-quality, interesting and stylish posters that would communicate the style of the school. It happened that there were only a few hours to develop the design.

I found this project interesting and took it. The result of my work was higher than the client had expected, and since then I work with the Zakhar Bron School of Music on a regular basis.

One of the important design elements are the photographs that are used. And the photographs that the client supplied for the new posters were really beautiful! For example, the glance and the bow of a young violinist on the photo direct the attention of the reader to the title of the concert, and help to sustain the central composition of the poster design.

The young pianist also looks down and thus directs our glance to the concert title. On both photographs the brown tones prevail, which goes well with the brown colour of the school logo and other graphic elements of the poster’s design.

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