Uber Party website

The Uber Party project was targeted at people who have a birthday soon. I was offered to develop a website for this project, which I readily did.


The idea behind this project was to attract new riders, that is the people who had not used the Uber ridesharing service before.

The target audience of an advertising campaign in social networks were the people whose birthday was soon. They were stimulated to visit the site where they were offered a promo code for a first ride with Uber for their party guests.

The text on the first screen was asking: “Wanna throw a party and invite friends?” On the next screen one could read: “Offer to come to you by Uber: it’s fast and comfortable!” All one needed to do was to download the Uber app, enter a promo code and order a car.

Like the first Uber website that I designed, this site was developed for the Uber branch in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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