Roll-ups for the Menton masterclass 2017

I designed a series of beautiful roll-ups for the second violin masterclass in Menton (Côte d’Azur, France).


In 2017 the Zakhar Bron School of Music (Zürich) organized the second open violin masterclass in Menton, the Côte d’Azur resort town which is called “the pearl of France” for its beauty. To attract audience to this event, I designed a series of roll-ups (mobile advertising stands) which were later placed in different parts of Menton.

One year earlier, in 2016, while designing the roll-ups for the first masterclass, I used photographs of the two invited professors. In 2017 I offered to create roll-ups with the photographs of different students.

As a result I came up with a series of beautiful roll-ups with the photos of the young violinists.

During the masterclass the performances took place in different parts of town, therefore it was convenient to use different roll-ups for different events.

All roll-ups were designed in one style, so they looked great both separately and all together.

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