Poster and flyer for a concert in Riga

I designed a flyer and a poster for the young talents’ concert that was held in the Reformation Church in the Old Town of Riga, Latvia.

Pavel Shudnev

There are photographs that look better in black and white than in color. And the selected for the concert promotion photo of the young Swiss violinist is just one of the kind: while it looked rather boring in color, it became mysterious after converting into black and white.

This photograph set the color solution for the printed materials I was designing: any additional color looked excessive so I decided that it would be better to make the posters and flyers in plain black and white.

On the front page of the flyer there is the basic information about the concert: the title, location and time, as well as the names of the composers to be performed. The back side of the flyer contains short biographies of the young musicians and their photos.

As the inhabitants of Latvia speak Latvian and Russian, two language versions of the flyer were created: in Latvian and in Russian. Visually they look very similar.

Since there is only one official language in Latvia, the concert posters were created in the Latvian language only.

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