Linn brochure

I developed a brochure for a renowned Scottish high-end manufacture Linn: its concept, text and design are mine.


Usually a designer is supposed to deal with design. As I have more than ten years of experience in marketing and copywriting, I can provide complex solutions. Besides graphic design, I can develop concepts of marketing materials and work with texts. For the Linn brochure project I had to do all of the above mentioned.

The front cover of the brochure is pretty minimalist: it has only a company logo and a title (Exceptional Sound). The black colour was chosen for the cover to visually highlight the status of the company as in psychology it stands for superiority.

The first spread tells about the company history and its achievements.

The second spread is dedicated to Linn Sondek LP12 turntable. It has been released since 1972 and is the longest living product in the Hi-Fi history. In more that forty years it achieved many awards, and for several years it was acknowledged as the best vinyl records player in the world.

The next spread is about Linn Majik series. The picture of this stereo system is on the left page and a brief review along with the list of its components is on the right page.

The following spread demonstrates a higher class Linn Akurate series in a similar way.

Klimax stereo system – flagship series from Linn.

A compact Linn Kiko stereo system is What Hi-Fi magazine award winner.

Finally, there is a presentation of Linn multi-room system: ceiling- and wall-mounted music players and acoustic systems that allow listening to music all around a house without altering its interior.

The back cover: Royal Sound logo (Linn distributor in Russia) and company address.

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