Altera Pars website

After completing the work on the company logo, I designed a website for the Moscow premium interiors design studio Altera Pars.


Among more than 2300 companies the Altera Pars design studio takes the first place in the Archiprofi (industry magazine) rating of the Russian architectural bureaus. Therefore, the requirements for the new company website design were quite high.

The client wanted to see a clean minimalistic design focused on the interior design projects of the architectural bureau.

The chief architect of the bureau had great expertise in design. We understood each other very well and worked fast: it took me about a month to develop the website design that was approved by the client.

Responsive design requires to develop four design versions for different devices: smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and larger devices. Below you can see a homepage design for the large devices:

View website:

Post Scriptum

After the successful delivery of the project, the chief architect wrote me a letter of appreciation thanking “for a responsible, pedantic, creative and very patient approach to the development of our new logo and a new website for the premium class interior design”.

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